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Rhonda Clendening

Rhonda Clendening 
CST, LDT, NADA Therapist, RN

Rhonda has worked over a decade as a Registered Nurse and 30 years as an alternative health therapist. Her passion being mental health, addiction recovery and uncovering the threads that interweave between emotional injuries, physical complaints and ultimately the illnesses that they manifest. She has found that vitality is returned only after equilibrium is restored and difficult lifestyle changes are made.


Rhonda conducts group healing-educational events in Hillsdale, Michigan, where a peaceful country setting allows a slower pace. She is passionate about self-reliance and believes life is a mirror of inner radiance and in this manner, it is up to each of us to be the change that heals our world. Through love and forgiveness, we heal and free ourselves to meet new challenges, turning our focus from a “Me to We” consciousness for all of the Earth and her inhabitants.  Healing has many paths….join the journey.

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