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N.O.T. Neural Organizational Technique

What is N.O.T.?

Imagine yourself as an extraordinary computer, using the most advanced technologies in computer design. Your nervous system is the operating software. It keeps your body functioning up to your optimum possible standards. If a system fails, other systems have to work harder to compensate.

Treat the causes

N.O.T has been helpful in cases of pain both acute and chronic, emotional or mental pain, anxiety, learning difficulties, chronic disease, structural issues, digestive issues, trauma, memory and much more. The full program can be accomplished in 6 to 8 sessions, spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart depending on the situation.

Expect Comfort

You remain fully clothed as you lay on a comfortable massage table while I tap or touch certain acupressure points. You will have an active role in the process. You may experience a variety of things such as pain relief or emotional release.

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